Online Mixing


Need professional & great sounding, remote online mixing for your songs? Look no further! I offer online mixing, blending analog & digital technologies at affordable prices and with great results.

See my portfolio to hear some of my past work.

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    How to submit your music

    What format do you need my recordings in?

    If you have recorded using Pro Tools, please compress your whole session folder as a ZIP file.

    If you have used any other DAW to record your music, please use either of the following two formats:

    • Export the whole session as .OMF/.AAF including audio
    • Extending all tracks to the very beginning of the session and exporting all as 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files


    In both cases, please ensure any software instruments used in your session are included as audio and not MIDI.


    Please ensure you send all tempo information for each song.

    How can I send you my files for mixing?

    Please upload all via WeTransfer or Dropbox then copy and paste the download link into your order form on this page.

    How will I receive my mixes?

    Your mixes will be delivered as 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files, ready for mastering wherever you choose. They will be delivered to you via WeTransfer to the email address you used to place your order.

    How long will my mixes take?

    The amount of time needed to complete all requested mixes will depend on my current workload and your requested number of songs. 

    I tend to work on 2-3 songs per working day so that I can deliver higher quality mixes rather than rushed work with fatigued ears! 

    For example: 

    • A 4 track EP would take roughly 2 days to complete
    • A 10-12 track album would take roughly 5 to 7 days to complete 

    In all cases, I will finish all requested mixes by an agreed deadline.

    Once I receive your order with your requested deadline, I will assess whether the amount of work is feasible in that time. I will then send either a confirmation of that deadline to you or get in touch to arrange a feasible deadline.

    Can I request mix adjustments/tweaks after the first mix?

    Of course! I always do my best to provide the best mix I can the first time round. However, due to personal taste and other factors, you may have some requests for small changes you'd like in the mix.

    These small changes are more than welcome and I am happy to complete around 2-3 mix alterations per track if needed. Due to time constraints & workload, I am unable to make many further alterations after this but if you are not satisfied with your mix after this point, do contact me and I will endeavour to rectify this.

    Your details

    Please include a link to your Facebook/Website. This will help me to ensure the mixes I create are appropriate for you as an artist.

    Your music

    Please describe the primary genre of your music.

    Please describe the mood/feel you are aiming for in your songs as I will do my utmost to enhance this in your mixes. Some examples could be:

    • Expansive
    • Intimate
    • Epic
    • Heavy


    Please list any songs your would like me to use as reference for your mixes. Please list the song & artist name and which of your songs this applies to where possible.

    Please choose your requested deadline for the finished mixes. I will endeavour to confirm this deadline but due to workload, it may not always be feasible. If this is the case, I may contact you to arrange a different deadline.

    Should you need your mixes sooner that is selectable, please contact me as I may be able to provide a quicker turnaround.

    Please copy and paste a download link for your song files. I recommend using WeTransfer to upload your files.